Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First discovery-Man is first of all a physical being.
Great show of trying for righteousness…
Trying to be good and burning each other.
Watch the baby crow flying, as a child learning to walk, cannot walk for long- when you learn to fly, you tend to fall down.
Like that, Prof. Surya sees that he has his head down, observing feet.
Each second you must dissociate yourself.
Buddha says all realizations are sudden
The Mother: Sudden realizations are no good.
Who are you, who is doing this Saddhana is most important.
6th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita
Arjuna asked: people who are doing this, will they not fall between two stools?
He who is unsubdued but who possesseth faith, with
the mind wandering away from yoga, failing to attain  perfection in yoga, what path doth he tread, O  Kri?hna ? 
Sri Krishna: Yoga means to be united with yourself.
In everybody I am seated. From me the memory, the knowledge, the delusion.
I say I want to eat idli, the other says “no”, a 3rd decides, a 4th makes the decision for you.
Between Intent and Action, the interval is the devil.Intent is moving so fast no wrong can be done.
To know that you are a collective nervous system
The Gita by itself is a complete text book of the psychology and sociology of the Universe. 
Yagna=burning (everything which enters you is transformed).
I see you. It enters me. It modifies my seeing you.
Transformation of one energy into another=yagna
This skin is not passive-very sensitive, subtle nerve endings.
Every word of the Gita is pure physics.
Indriyas, juvahathi-burns
First, hearing sound-burnt off as it enters.
Transforming property of Agni
Flowing water
Vayu, moving without these palpable materials
Akash-the final transforming agency-in and out
Levels at which you are burning become speedy
Transactional I is very crude, exists only when awake and you are not awake fully.
Each cell is totipotential in the beginning. Afterwards specialised
Each point some disease is thrown out from there itself
3rd Chapter….along with sacrifice I have created beings (any phenomena is always interchanging)

Having in ancient times emanated mankind together   with sacrifice, the Lord of emanation said: 

Resonance is a law of the universe. Mutually reinforcing. Without resonance the world will collapse. Resonance =anukampa-compassion-to vibrate with. When Buddha said Anukampa-a fact of lifeWhen two people –which way is it flowing?
Anger is coming inI am uncomfortableLet me correct itBending or amplifying
Ego’s hallmark is “selflessness”.
What I consider a good Englishman-scissor off
Shraddha-disciplined sustained application, apprenticeship 
When alone practice being angry inside and smilingPractice moods and controls for a moment or two now and then. 

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