Monday, March 21, 2011


Don’t “ing” –be!
You are, from moment to moment, a totally different being. Your stupid inertia of mind gives continuity to a ghost.
Laughter is the new avatar-the new being. It is a collective, a tree, a stone…Say and be.
Between intent and doing there is a long interval filled with negativity-the cause of old age.
Supramental is now
Third cause of old age:
Every act has two streams
What others want
What I want
“I want to smoke”Somebody said “Don’t”
Once an act is over do not take responsibility.Once an act is done, it is Divine and the consequences will be taken care of. (If the above attitude is adopted)
Speed is ecstasy. Change so quickly!Trying to stop anything (smoking), trying not to be attached to something is, has the same effect as being attached.
Trying has same attaching quality. Adds to the negativity.Attachment of world.
Only way out is to be unconnected backwards and forwards.

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