Friday, March 18, 2011


Intent is like a horse.
Aging is stopping.
Speed is ecstasy.
N.C. Surya-N.C. stands for “No comment”
First you are an instrument.
Praise your body-yourself
For stopping smoking-smoke now
You are a result or product of world movement. The world is not a product of your movement.
E.g. Breathing is a part of world breathing.
Brain wave is continuity of sea waves.
Humility to think you are being walked.
With two people: Love-you love me-I love you-like laser.
Devi sampat vimoksya nibhandhyam asurimata
You are a bird easily flying to another man, to a tree, to a mountain-free-to escape discomfort.
A point on a huge X called God

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