Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wherever you are be aware of what you are.
You are already radiating. Just be aware.
As if a lighthouse-fierce light. If bad company. Without being noticed. As if you are a star radiating.
All or none law should be given up.
Say one or two words and stop. Then conversation also becomes a game.
Wherever you are just be a light, a fragrant tree or a sound and that you are already. You are reinforcing it. And that reinforcing is like a magnet. They (the opposite vibes) become weakened. Willy-nilly they find no energy behind what they are doing.
Thus Dr. S manages the world affairs also to a small extent.
Best to practice at night. Go and stand at the Samadhi, at Delhi, Guruvayur and shine like a light.
If a few can do these things the city changes.
Mind supports ongoing action.
Don’t predict disorder.
Spread laughter from above.
Don’t get into tendency to support ongoing action.
Become a battery with a case with acid inside with wires.
Or a tree.
Or an invisible being.
Concrete thing first then more and more nebulous.
Don’t make large chunks of time and place and person and yourself.
Fragment and rearrange.
When you make a sacrificial fire, you make small chips and all is burnt.
Like that make work into small chips and burn so that at the end of it you are not tired.
Dr. S gives practical examples of what Krishna has given in one word.
Very important work-technical point
Apply for job
1. Whether it will come or not
2. Offer into the Fire.
Once you know there is only one person in the world-yourself.

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