Thursday, November 04, 2010


Stop frequently and note what you are doing
1. Dharmasadhana Verify: this body is the instrument of harmony
2. You are created by what you see/hear. You forget you are the creator.
All that is old is death, disease, smell…
The Divine is a constant child.
No Self-importance.
3. Like all instruments: inputs
Every instrument has inputs. Inputs are really outputs in human beings.
Sight, etc. not inuts-they are creative agencies.
First use yourself.
All is ultimately to express
Hasyam is the height.
To have a big laugh.
If you don’t economise your time…just suddenly stop and laugh
All this world is a mutually resonating system of vibrations-energies (exchange of)
What is meditation? Halting before reacting.
Don’t apologise to people for being angry, since nothing happens without the Divine consent. So one second past is the Divine.
Best results for the new species.
“I” does not mean this body. “I” is a so-called visible excretion
Want this body to enjoy results of body x at place y. Umbilical cord.
Central: You are a tree of ecstasy and laughter.
Inputs are really outputs.
2 channels-you are made out of your senses, other descending.
Abhyasa-one second laugh
Short practices for one second-break
Krishna: Man realizes by Svakarma
Sri Aurobindo: The use of a more effective and higher power for daily work.

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