Friday, October 29, 2010


This is the first thing to develop
You are not a single person in a single body –Practice being different personalities at different places and times.
Example: Being in Madras, driving…
Being in kitchen while sitting here
Practice only for a few seconds
This opens many possibilities
I is the only muscle to develop. Society is your imagination.
Practice fragmentation of body.
Body is not one.
Fragment neck, feet, etc. and give expressions of joy and make combinations.
Rejuvenation of brain and its growth
Fragment in as much detail as possible.
Servicing body is servicing brain cells.
Practice of immortality. You are already in different forms and shapes. Omnipresence, Omnipotence-which you are already doing.
Interpenetrating through the whole vibration system of world.
Disparate pieces of self, make smiling –a powerful force with field around you
Not by ego standards-because you are already immortal. Die every second. Die to memories. Keep a good photograph. Some memories are reinvigorating. Since no past and future, pleasant memories recreate themselves.
Memories are seeds. Throw away thorn seeds. Plant good seeds here and there.
Be immortal in various ways. Once you open your imagination-various ways
The Divine slowly takes your imagination and corrects.
Old habits of integrating. Be a totally disintegrated and fragmented personality.
Steward duty-take charge of street, make garden in accurate detail-of country, street, house-gives mobility
Practice-maker of your own body and of world
For energy use- the 5 elements and gods make you
Oh Mother I hope I am not hurting you (Earth)
Air breathes you
See sky coming down and becoming walls, leaves
Always from above down
Wall is made of different kinds of light (add anything like the dwarves in Tolkien’s Trilogy)
Somebody will do that-what you are saying.
To see room is not empty-music, thoughts are going-bless them all
See fullness of your room-not emptiness
Maker of senses not enjoyer
Then always healthy since each part different.

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