Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The method becomes dominant over the end. Want to do good-need power. So getting power and power becomes more important. In the human machine, both end and method are necessary (Petrol in car to Madras). In the human machine, the end is more important. The method becomes more important--> Asura

The source of energy is different for others and it is this which determines the species.

Dharma Yuga comes when Adharma ceases to pay.

Delight is your profession. Express delight as many times as remembered. At every opportunity, express happiness. This is the only work.

Just as while navigating, there is a goal and the navigation is constantly going on-uninterrupted, even while the driver or captain talks-minute corrections all the time. Like that your uninterrupted navigation is towards delight. Because Delight goes away every 5 minutes, so at once steering towards delight is needed again and again. So delight should go at every second and be brought back again at every second. Steer in the direction of happiness.

Express what you want to experience with as much of your total body as is willing-as obeys-for as much time as you can-a minute, a second). Suppose you want to experience God-will I do this or that if God is in front of me NOW? What I want to express and what He expects. So express what you wish and experience joy, devotion, whatever it may be and it can be to a servant, a tree….i.e., If you were to see God, there would be a change in your attitude-you would at least sit or stand straight, say “Namaste” or something-so involve the body-say, if the servant comes, for a second, feel inside: Oh, Mother, you have come. Thank you!

All that happened till this second is Divine. What will happen from this second is Delight. You cannot be other than what you are. You cannot do other than what you did. For if something else was actually possible, you would have done that. The being inside gets exactly the circumstances and experiences it needs to grow from. So don’t be uncomfortable about all this. Don’t ever apologise for anything because it just may have been what the other needed. Apologise if you have to , to the Mother, not to the person and scissoring off the past second, carry on anew.

Yur duty is to the Mother-i.e., to be in your central posture, the psychic seat, happiness, humour, peace,…

Constantly new, ever new, ever fresh, is the Divine.

Talking about things to people who do not concern you and with unprincipled speech, you yourself fix the possibilities and scope. Speech is not neutral.

Not to utter lies
Not to utter truth
Speak what is necessary
Speak what is helpful
Speech is a weapon

Do not join gossip
Do not encourage gossip
Do not repeat gossip
Do not defend yourself against gossip
Do not try and verify gossip

Say once, say twice quietly whatever you have to say, without imposing or trying to attract attention. And then leave it. If there is any truth in your idea or in its need for the moment, it will catch on.

Description is action! Not a neutral process.

How to be present when absent?

Learn to listen. Pure listening is registering and relaxed multiple awareness.

The only training required is remembering who you are. Like a good army leader who is always aware of who he is wherever he may be …

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kalpana said...

Heartfelt gratitude for Surya's powerful and clear words, and to you for sharing them. In reading them, one feels bathed in the powerful yet healing rays of the Sun, the Light shows clearly what is within one's grasp to actually do, second by second, and also in a non-sticky way [eg.I find his reference to the coming and going of Delight/light very helpful]. Once again, deepest gratitude!