Friday, August 13, 2010

1. Learning is continuous. Your body is learning all the time.
2. Learning is total body learning.
3. Learning does not teach lessons.
4. Learning occurs while doing.

Skin-Galvanic reflexes. Become aware -dynamic changing electric plate


Winfried said...

There is an expression to "learn new things". Does it mean that you can also learn old things? Would that be more like a replacement or more like a vote for a connection, which can be submitted again and again? Is only learning something new real learning, the ideal? Or will re-learning enable you to master life better? If both is needed, how to decide what to go for?

Gita Madhu said...

Actually, this is true-how do you learn old things? Is it re-learning as a kind of revision or like updating skills?
I try hard not to offer explanations of the posts here as it is merely a work of electronically transcribing Dr. Surya's writings.
However, since he was a psychiatrist with great interest in neurophysiology, it might be that he was looking at learning from that angle.

kalpana said...

'continuous''total''not teaching lessons'....

Perhaps, the emphasis is on the process of 're-newing' our acquintance each time? Rather than viewing learning in a linear fashion, with old/new dichotomies, this way of looking at 'learning as continuous, total, not lessons' allows there to be a freshness of apptoach [something along the lines of you don't not step into the same water twice]. By seeing things in a new light, one learns somethinhg new each time. This in turn triggers a physiological response. At another level, it reminds me of the passage written by the Mother 'Laugh with the Lord', in connection with an aphorism by Sri Aurobindo.