Monday, February 22, 2010

3 (a). The Make –Believe Agent:

         The characteristic is the pronounced concern for the uplift of or the reformation of mankind.

        The characteristic is also the pronounced lack of concrete compassion. Often in the name of some guide or other they can commit or condone or unleash any degree and amount of cruelty.  In the name of some unknown God or something they become right arm, the hidden power behind man’s laws and legal and social system.

         For instance, the prominent agents had said and lived in a manner to show that sex is not the agent’s way, or conducive to the transformation requirements.  The race from which they have come does not have sex as a source of procreation or satisfaction.  That, however, happens to be a most important component of the material base which they occupy for transformation into a territory more suitable for the occupation.  However, in their life they had been most compassionate to the worst sinners in this regard.

         A guide called Ramana Maharishi put the matter clearly.  Someone asked him how to avoid sin.  The Maharishi simply replied ‘Man is Sin’.

         Righteous anger is the chief characteristic of the fake-guides.

        The agent who has fully recognised his identity is solely concerned with the loyalty to his race and its guides rather than with the arrangements of the natives.

3 (b).  Another category of fake agents is:
         Miracle – mongers, singers of praises of the guides and black-magic workers and so on.

         An agent may or may not do any of these things.

4.  It must be noted that there are other non-material races of beings also who are already in possession of mental man, or who hope to occupy territory or who wish to prevent the true meaning of the guides from taking roots.

         Their chief weapon is a lip-service adoration and pilfering the guides’ and guide’s words as copyright labels for their own activities.

C.  Chief of operations
         Every agent or operative, during the course of time, finds himself drawn to a Chief Agent or Agents who may or may not always be recognised by the natives as such.

         Once the link has been established it is the agent’s task to BE and OBEY implicitly.  Disobedience is often the result of confusing himself with the instrument or the first base which he is to hold and modify rather than become its slave.  All actions necessary for this purpose will be conducted by the Chief – provided the communication channel is kept trim and open.

D.  Communication System
         Your Chief has given you the system of signals.

        The task is not to understand the system, but obey the system given to you.

        Your task is also not to worry about how your operation helps the natives or does not help them.

E.  Recognise you are an agent
        Remember that you are an agent
        Remember your Chief
        Remember your task
        Be loyal to your Race and to nothing else.
        Remember that your first base is in foreign or native occupation and will resist you.
        Your first base is not for its benefit or enjoyment or for its collective master but for the preparation for total occupation by your race.

        Remember to be constantly near the listening post chosen by your Chief.  The rest is done by the Chief.

F. Suffering
         Suffering is not a character of the agent nor of the body which is the first base.  Predominantly it is of the mental occupant.  The characteristic of the race to which the agent belongs is unconditioned joy – that is shown by the guides.  This ceases to the degree the agent recognises his relationship to the body.

G.  Reward and Punishment
        Reward and punishment are concepts applicable to the mental being to which the body still belongs.  The agent can use both reward and punishment for modification of the territory, not for perpetuation of the mental goals of the body.

H.  Compassion
         A wide based compassion is the character of the agent.  This is at once the chief weapon and chief currency and transaction for the agent – it is the main source of energy and means of transaction with the world or cosmos – as food is considered by the first base and its original occupants.  This compassion is at once a giving and taking.  It nourishes the agent without destroying the source from which it takes. Man has the illusion that food is the only source of energy – though he can have many proofs to the contrary.  This is a very destructive method of dealing with the environment.  The agent can rapidly train the body to show that compassion reduces the need for gross, form destroying food.  However, this need not be stressed since there is no agent without capacity for concrete compassion.  Compassion is the property of being in union with universal vibrations and hence the capacity for rapid interchange at many levels. 

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