Tuesday, December 01, 2009


  1. Vasudevam Sarvam Iti (Seeing God in all)
  2. Mother, You see (Ask the Deity to see all that you are seeing) 
  3. Om Namo Bhagavathe 
  4. Take X (One of the children of whom Surya was very fond) in one hand and Y (the other child of whom he was very fond) and direct them here and there like laser guns.
Cut off the (person's head-in your imagination) and fill with Light. Look first below that person's feet, move up to the chest, etc. and see it cut in your imagination and say "Om anandamayi caitanyamayi satyamayi parame"

Fill X and Y (see above) with Light. See radium, etc. pouring out of them. See them as huge mountains.

(See) Light is shining. Anti-gravity-Laughter

The only thing human to learn is laughter.

Cut off the head means cut of mental formations.

There is no illness on earth. Human beingsd use it to control-this is the root of terrorism. 

Only action is to show to the Mother (Mother, You see)-then do anything.

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