Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exercises to be done on getting up

1. Close eyes and see that stars are still in the sky1.
2. See that the room is inside you2.

3. Sensory perception training3.
4. Shifting the "I" 4.
5. Feel how full the room is. Float in it5.

Unconsciously you are trained to think day begins in the morning and that that is real.
You say: "Last night I slept very well."
Where is last night?
See how much can be done without uttering these words.
Small exercises to manage without visual/verbal system.

Close your eyes and you are not there. Nor is the other person. 
1.  "No day, no night-one continuum." The stars are, actually, still there in the sky, for example. So, these concepts of "day", "night"are just that and should be viewed in perspective.
2. We can interpret this as: "The world is our projection" but just doing this practice has some amazing physiological effects: The room is inside me, the street is inside me, the town is inside me, the planet is inside me, the universe is inside me...
3. Priming the senses for a second each: see something, listen to the sounds around you, smell something, taste soemthing and most of all feel as many points of contact of your skin with other things-soles of feet on the ground, etc.-all this without words.
4.  The practice of "many bodies: we are all the time scattered in our thoughts (thinking about someone in another city, etc.).Do it consciously for a second by being in those places-don't strain.
5. The room is thick with light, sound, magnetic and all kinds of waves, rays, atoms and what not.  Just to be concious of this and "play" with this idea.

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