Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. Pain and suffering is uneven awareness.
So do sensory perception training: shrotram, chakshu, etc... (Chapter 15 of the Bhagavad Gita)
Note from blogger:
Sensory Perception Training as taught by Dr. Surya:
Prime each of the senses for a few seconds each.
Use the eyes. One exercise as given by him was to see an object and shift perception-make the object the foreground and then make the object the background.

Use the ears. He had given an exercise similar to the one above. But one can also do
Jiddu Krishnamurthy's pure awareness without words (When one listens fully, there is vast silence and the body is very quiet). Listen to sounds wihtout letting words intervene-for a couple of seconds.

Use the nose. I think I invented my own game for this but it maybe that Dr. Surya had instructed me to smell a couple of things. So I used to imagine smells: tea being made, roses...

Use the sense of taste. Taste things or imagine taste. He used to say : It is you who give the taste.

Most importantly, use the sense of touch. Try to do a quick run through of all the points at which your body is making contact with something else. Of all the above, this technique is most useful for quickly combating fatigue.

2. If someone else has a fracture, for example, say: I have the fracture and do the practices on their behalf.
3. Let us say, "A" has a blister. First, I suffer: "Oh! Poor creature!"
Then see that he is not a little kid-He is a HUGE LIGHT.

4. A car was possessed by the driver. It went to the petrol bunk for breakfast, lunch, etc. Not because of miles driven, etc.

5. The softness/hardness is in the mind.
1 m/h doesn't hurt much.

30 m/h cuts you

1000 m/h air is thick as steel.

The Earth is waiting to gulp you because you are cruel to it.

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