Friday, October 03, 2008

How to know Energy has fallen?

Most of the time we are so accustomed to low levels of energy that we do not notice appalling mistakes.
Signs of low levels of energy: depression, anger, provoking in others, rattle…

More rattle seems as if doing more.

Gita: people who shout and wave their arms about may appear more impressive...

Difference between Morris Minor and Benz

Gita: ignorant villagers might consider a vehicle that makes more noise more powerful...

Some things merely give the impression of energy.
Self defeating inner friction

Most of us feel energetic by the energy of friction. Such people do not know that they are mortally ill.

Be sensitive to the least rattle in mental level.

"Oh! I hate him!"

Gita: Such thoughts of hostility, for example, are sure ways to drain energy.

Virus= bad will
Continuous slight vibratory deficit

Gita: Negative thoughts are as contagious as a virus.

So Yogi most disturbed person.
Undisturbed equanimity =sign of a corpse.

Gita: I think what he is trying to say here is that it is not a question of feeling guilty about having specific thoughts, or feeling disturbed...
It is a question of how quickly one jumps back to the right posture.

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