Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your face is the mirror of your inner state at the given moment

Gita Madhu: Concern has been expressed about the way in which the writings of Surya might be misconstrued.

Firstly, I personally feel that all speech is always open to misconstruction. I would go so far as to say that this is not as negative as it may seem. In each of us, the senses absorb information and process it according to different pathways. And, from the spiritual point of view, all is exactly as it should be.

Secondly, although Surya hated commentaries (He used to call himself No Comment Surya- N.C.Surya!) , I shall risk venturing my humble interpretation of the below quotation from Surya.

During his last years, I had the privilege of actively apprenticing with him one on one. In these times we ( a set of his apprentices) were put under rigorous training. In fact, some of us were not even allowed to sweat! That in the hot and humid climate of Pondicherry! In this way he was teaching us to minimise energy loss- or wear and tear of the machine.

Thus the concepts of Beauty and Ugliness here are to be viewed in the light of the the practice of Yoga- of seeking to achieve Deva qualities as portrayed in Hindu legends. The Gods were often caught out when they tried to pull the wool over mortal eyes as they did not sweat,etc. For those who have a deeper interest in the practice of yoga, it is worth while to get one's hands on Sri Aurobindo's Record of Yoga. There is, apparently, a practice called : "Sarva Soundarya". Thus he experimented by changing skin and hair colour...

Let me go further and ask if any reader has observed a person after meditation. From my experience a shine comes on the skin of such a one.

I myself remember the time at which I was under Surya's tutelage and how people used to ask if I was in Love. Such is the radiance in the state where the mind is more or less still. Very plainly speaking, thinking in its shades of worrying, etc, is prone to create more wrinkles than exposure to the Sun. Just think of the damage caused by frowns!

I would like to refrain from making these interpretations for Surya never liked such commentaries. His advice was always to consecrate to the Deity the reading of spiritual matters before proceeding- Oh Lord, I do not understand such and such. Guide me. This he had told me with regard to the reading of a set of books that he gave me- so for example he said to me that when reading the Gita I must ask Sri Krishna to guide me.

Lastly, I doubt that this blog will ever be read by any but a select few and few of those will also follow it regularly for such is the life of a blog.

The spirit in which I'm sharing these writings is that there is someone out there to whom it will all click. The other alternative is to let the few writings still in existence also crumble into dust, scattered as they are all over. I thus seek the indulgence and understanding of my blog readers.


If your inner state is muddy with doubts and arguments, dissatisfied-then your face will be ugly however much powder and lipstick you apply.

Beauty is the expression of Ananda- It is an art

Practice this art of being beautiful-by practicing the art of being delightful

These are not permanent states& change from second to second & so be alert

Ugliness & beauty alternate with lightning rapidity-

When you think-you are ugly
When you Act-you are BEAUTIFUL

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