Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Exercises of the Machine

1. Each second empty
2. See whole thing gone
3. All world yourself
See how nice bright new yourself is
5. Goal is happiness, freedom, Achuyuta (Untouched- touched/untouched)

If the toe stubs against stone we don't scold

Everything exactly as it should be
Grumble, laugh
Then no food is necessary
Light is food

Your bank account is everywhere
Thank you is the signature

Goal is to be happy
Why? To be unhappy

If I feel heavy it spreads
Why balance
To be unbalanced


ummi said...

Now I know we share more than our love for are a seeking mind and soul too :). Looks like there will be more to talk about. Tell me about this, is this your own poetry or is it an excerpt from your guru's. It is beautiful and meaningful.

Gita Madhu said...

My Guru would have been tickled pink to hear it called poetry!
No, it's more in the way of notes that he used to dictate to some of us in his later years.