Monday, July 31, 2006

Practicing Lightness

Often my diary was a random noting of things Surya said. I will attempt to make them less obscure in the light of other things that he said to me:

    Earth waiting to gulp you because you are cruel to it.
One of the meditations that he taught in the context of the panchabhoota meditation was to say to the Earth:
    Oh, Mother, teach me not to hurt you.
This also relates to the practice of Uthapana ( I think it has something to do with levitation) and his powerful final message:
The problems we face, physical or other are characterised by heaviness and darkness and therefore there is the need to cultivate Light and Lightness
    For one second imagine that you have no bones.
To Surya, Imagination was the greatest practice. In a sense this relates to the previous words on the Earth- we think we get hurt if we fall on something with a bump but that thing also gets hurt! So by practicing lightness one also saves oneself from hurt. My words are very crude but I'm fumbling along to bring his words to life.
To return to Surya's words:
            Stupid natural phenomena, persistent,  resistant, recurrent, to be replaced.
            Gradual progress
            Rapid progress
            Involved progress.
            Hold a potato and cook it by the look.

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