Friday, July 28, 2006


1.Pain and suffering is the uneven awareness so do sensory perception training. Shrotram, chakshu, etc(1).
2. A fracture. Say I have the fracture and do on behalf of the other(2).
3. A…. has a blister. 1st I suffer “O, poor little one” then see it is not a little one, a huge light (3).
4. A car was possessed by the driver. Went to petrol bunk for breakfast, then for lunch, etc. Not because of miles driven (4).
5. The softness/hardness is in the mind(5).
1 m/hr. doesn’t hurt much
50m/hr cuts you
1000 m/hr air is thick as steel (6).
(1) ear, eye
(2)For the moment I have no links for this- let us look at it this way: everything is our projection and is therefore inside us and we have control, therefore, over everything. Once a certain stage is reached vis-à-vis oneself, it is possible to affect others or other things through sustained practice.

(3) According to Hinduism as I was taught it, God is in everything and everybody- but, Prof. Surya said that it was necessary to prime that into action by recognising and liberating the Force. He used to say:
Look at the other person and cut off their heads and fill them with Light and see the Divine emerging out of them.
(4) I hope in the days to come to be able to put down much of his other writings from elsewhere so that some of these references come to life. It was his constant refrain that we are unscientific with regards to our "machine"- in the context of the quotation here, it could be viewed as “we eat more than we ought to”.
(5) “Reality” is our projection...
(6) These are references to the effects of travelling at these various speeds

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