Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bird & Tree

My visual body and verbal system as its branches is only one of the numerous trees to/on which I can fly or sit.
See this is true! This happens when you are 'asleep'
Practice this when awake -
Wherever you land, be a Nightingale or a Cuckoo or a Crow! Don't burden one tree with your Cawings or droppings.
Practice this with the trees & houses near you & later with trees in ( other places)! Or mountain peaks in Tibet or UK
Picture: sketch of bush with bird on it

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Sunbeams said...

''How beautifully this dove-tails with the ancient yogic teachings!
When my guru, Surya, told me this at a young age, I had not encountered the Upanishads. Later, having read - I discovered the symolism of the two birds on one tree - the one who eats fruit[bitter or sweet], the other who observes. The former represents the individual soul and the latter the Universal/supreme soul.
This imagery is helpful for those prefer the 'maya/renunciation' paths.
Surya, inmho, in the best of Tantric tradition, is giving a useful task to the bird that most of us are - the one that eats and shits!
We all can lift ourselves from chomping on the fruits of our/others actions and fly high or elsewhere.
In shifting our focus we no longer are so full
of s..t[hopefully].
So, a siddhi we are all capable of cultivating [unless we are happy being a caged bird]
om tat sat''pramila