Monday, October 10, 2016


Consciousness, like electricity, can only be known by its perceivable consequences. What comes to my awareness has consequences for me, what I call Me. Many questions may be put - ‘Does it mean that what you are not aware of has no consequences for you? If you are in deep sleep and someone hits you, has it no consequences for you? Or someone anaesthetises you and does something to you, has it no effect on you?

Well, the answer has to be experienced by the particular  'I’ asking the question. My answer is that what does not come to my awareness has no consequence for me. It may have consequences for my body; it may have effect on someone else's awareness; or some other layers of awareness. I have consequence on that which comes to my awareness and that which comes to my awareness has consequence for Me.

My body comes to my awareness, and becomes an instrument of experiencing and expressing my awareness.

All that comes to my awareness is my territory. Whether I am to be master or slave of this territory is another question. It is the interaction between Me and the territory of My awareness that is at the root of harmony or disharmony.

Let me therefore get to know all that comes to my awareness and what I can do with it, before I begin tackling other’s awareness. Let me first know what to do with the domestic electrical appliances before I tinker with the main lines, transformers and so on.

Let me not waste time on philosophical questions of who I am. I am the one who gets up every morning saying: I will have
coffee instead of tea; I am gay or sad; I will settle someone's hash; or I will help him, and so on. I have to understand more and more about my own awareness, for it seems to me that awareness is the matrix for all that happens to me or through me.

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