Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Aham (Personal Autonomy) - Surya


                     LEAD US
                                                  FROM LIGHT 


TO THE SPIRIT in man that
drives him to scale mountains
dive into the deeps and
soar into space and 
now secretly and now openly
drives him on
to exceed HIMSELF.


These are personal reflections on what I call the profession of self-realisation, and are addressed to those who are burdened or blessed with the need for self-change.

These reflections are inspired by the examples and teachings of Avatars, Sages and Prophets, the pacemakers of human evolution, as I like to call them. Each Avatar, implicitly or explicitly, declared that the behaviour he taught and personified could be acquired by others, and that no 'mystery' was involved. They arose to lead humanity out of the deadening influence of the organized religion of that time playing the role of the moral policeman of existing social and political systems of the day, and not as the liberator of man.

Man is a conscious participant in his own evolution. Today he walks on the Moon. No mystery is involved in this. With skill and determination and scientific sincerity he has liberated himself from the limitation of gravity.

Man can liberate himself from the laws of biological behavioural gravity only by looking at the problems of self-realisation, transformation and transcendence towards a better type of humanity in the light of bold and systematic experiment and experience, in the spirit of the pacemakers.

These pages might stimulate some to join the club of anonymous amateur pilots adventuring into the behavioural space of man presently cramped by the barbarous biological goals of a literate gorilla in a dress suit.


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