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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 78-80

 The Work and the Goal

The work is maintaining the contact

The goal is constant contact

The native is a native by virtue of his loss of contact with his origin.

All work determined by limited ego.

The agent is an agent by virtue of his constant contact with his origin. 

All work proceeds from unlimited source.

The transitional I is a pure transmitter.

 The Guide and Agent are Transformers

The electric storage transformer – maintains the voltage at the original level - ie maintains the voltage at its original level without loss of voltage due to transmission over long distance.

It is these transformers which maintain the lights and fans and so on in a whole district.

The transformer is the main energy supplier.  It looks ugly, remains unnoticed.  No man on the road pays attention.  Yet without it the whole system of fans and lights go off. Yet, also, if anyone dares meddle with the transformer he is destroyed.  Normally one only notices the fans and lights and praises them.  Also the lights and fans may be put to good use or bad use, the transformer is not very much concerned.

Being a more subtle energy than the electricity and in fact being the source of all energies including electricity the Guide is more like the sun.  The sun is the source of almost all the earth and its action, maintains it and speeds up its evolution. It shines equally on good and bad, on all and hastens their flowering or withering according to their nature.  Yet in a limited sense it may not be able to directly affect a man or his actions - e.g. Electricity can give rise to magnetism, heat, light, sound and so on.  But in a room, the electricity in the air or wires may not affect the boiling of water except under certain laws till the source of electricity is disturbed by resistances, when it can smash a whole area.

  Remember that a transformer may remain unnoticed like the sun remains unnoticed.

All Evolution is Inhibition of the Lower and Submission to a Higher Control

One or two examples:
Even if this man is unaware of the many controls on him
To come under the conscious control of the higher intelligence is the safeguard.

Mine – if bladder full – But not if society is present.

  1. Lift foot at once
  2. But danger of falling if you lift foot, till you have adjusted the other foot.  Higher control stops no (1)

Otherwise like a drunk man whose higher control – brain is suppressed by alcohol behaviour becomes disturbing and inefficient.

The brain has many potentialities for enriching the controls and their combination.  It should be used to contact and keep the highest control.

That is why the injunction repeatedly:

The agent must not do the slightest act directly – But must always deal even in minute personal relations only through the Guide.  Report to the Guide.  Act through the Guide.  Do not say I shall report only important matters – or only when I am in trouble.  The territory and the ‘I’ which is still emerging from native control cannot judge.  In fact it is the native `I’ which pretends or seeks to judge – only sending up papers after scrutiny and modification.  The agent’s task is transmission – not judgement.  In this guise the native `I’ only refers to the Guide when some matters effecting the success of his external work is in question – but not the petty feelings – thoughts or desires that trouble or corrupt his own territory, his own body and mind.  These he considers too small or unimportant for the guide.

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