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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 54-56

The Divine and the Guide
The Native is most interested in this discussion in order to confuse his territory as much as possible by being cleverly indefinite in his words, all the while pretending to search for the Truth – for searching and researching is his way – as if Truth is somewhere hidden, for hiding is the Native’s way.

Is the Guide the Divine – full or half and so on.  What is the reaction of the Guide to the Divine and so on.

For the agent the answer is clear.
He is the agent of transformation of the territory assigned to him.
His Guide is the concretely manifest power of transformation.
His guide is the representative of the race.
His duty is implicit obedience – His questioning and disobedience is the Native occupant in action.

The Native is occupied in interpreting and discussing all the words of the Guide, including ideas about the Divine.  The Native does not understand why the Guide does not openly declare himself to be the Divine and so on.  If the Guide openly declares then he wants to know how the Guide can be the Divine and so on.  The Guide is too small for the Native – He wants to grab the Divine whatever it may mean to him.  In fact the Native has no idea of obeying anything except his self-interest.


Remember that it is only the Guide who can speak of the Divine.  THE DIVINE IS ALL – THE DIVINE KNOWS ALL – NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT DIVINE WILL ETC.  It is a trick of the NATIVE to say these words as an excuse for all sorts of things he does.  The Guide asks you to be with her and report to her – to test whether she knows all is not the agent’s business.  You are free to report or not.
The agent
An agent comes to the guide.  If they look upon it he knows that his coming did not very much depend on any intellectual choice or great tapasya.  But once having come to  the Guide, the agent is quickly overtaken by the Native.  He takes credit for this.  He tells the agent that it is because of some special talent he has been chosen for this honour and he must keep up this honour by trying to show more and more of his talents of discussion and intelligence and earn more and more power to do the Guide’s work and to spread the word.

Thus the Native blinds the agent making him forget the fact that words and great intellectual discussions were not the important cause of his coming to the Guide and that his coming was as ordained by the law of force that attracts a needle to a magnet to become more and more of a magnet.

The Native comes to spread words.

The agent comes to further manifest in matter the law of being that has brought him to the Guide.

The Native pretends that an illiterate person can never be an agent or that the Guide has power only on those who can read their words in print.

The AGENT must not mistake his profession and his business.  He is an agent of transformation of territory and not of books.

The agent’s work and the other work

The Native asks questions.

If the agent’s work is entirely and solely and eternally the task of transforming the territory, then how can he do any other work like doing business or writing books or teaching or farming and so on?  It is a clever question and deserves a clear answer.

By asking this question the Native uses the trick of identifying himself with the body which is the first base, the territory, the instrument.  When the Agent is asked to concern himself with the work of transforming this territory, this instrument it means this.  No work of any kind can be done except through the instrument.  Under the Native’s control this instrument does much mischief and is blunt and limited in capacity and easily fatigued as we have seen through the previous pages.  All that the agent is asked is to see that he the agent should be continually in charge of his instrument and that the agent should be in constant contact with his L.P. in the middle of whatever the instrument is engaged in and that if this is done the work whatever is will go on as the Guide needs and in the name of some external efficiency he should not neglect being in charge of the instrument and being in contact with the Guide and that the agent must not let the Native take charge.

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