Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Contd Aspiration


This has a key note in the behaviour of the body which the agent holds. Aspiration is the leader of the whole functioning of the material base.

It is as if the body itself comes from a single cell – a single idea and it is an idea that gets it in motion in all its detail. Some natives think that because they have studied some bits and pieces of the physics and chemistry of the body, it is that way it operates.
A person has a goal – small or big which moves the body in all its physical, biochemical and electrical details. He wants to pick up a piece of paper – that is the intention – with right hand, if not left hand, or feet or by mouth, depending on the intensity of the need to pick up the paper or obstacles in the way. The body has numerous alternative ways of achieving the same goal and each new combination of action reveals itself as the intensity of the aspiration demands.
The natives aims are limited by the ‘I’ needs – money, greed, power, sex, personal security, status, fear and so on. These aims are dependant on many conditions which are outside the native’s control. The native thinks he can order the world around, thus he sets the body goals that can never be fulfilled. For instance, the native may set his goal as happiness – but he says I will be happy if this happens, or does not happen, happy if I am there or here and so on – always with an ‘if’ – if some conditions exist. He drives the body or its mind to strive for these conditions, forgetting that conditions always change and even if he gets them right, they soon cease to be the same and the hunt starts once again. In this impossible wild goose hunt the body suffers, ages too soon, all action is geared to a personal goal called desire with many conditions attached.
The agent’s way is altogether different. His goals are such that the body can train to obtain them under almost all conditions. If happiness is a goal, then the body is taught to realise that happiness or unhappiness is its own way of action and not dependant on too many conditions. Like the root of the Banyan tree able to extract water from the hardest rock, the body is trained. The agent’s way is to train the body to find greater and greater harmonies within itself – and enable it to live in harmony with the world outside.

The agent’s goals are ‘high, wide and generous’. The agent’s goal is love and oneness. His goal is to serve the Master who expresses all this. His goal is to train and transform the territory to express the Master Idea. But for the natives’ intervention the body responds more smoothly to the agent’s way. Since it tends to put the body in union with the world’s progressive harmonies, whereas the Native constantly puts the body in conflict with the world’s harmonies. The native constantly tells himself and the body that their interests are identical – the native wants something or other and cleverly says that it is the normal need of the body and the poor body has no say of its own. He loads the stomach with too much food and says ‘what to do, my body needs to eat – it has taste or greed and so on’. The sooner this trick is seen, the better. The Native who occupies the body is a monster of great appetite and to satisfy his never to be satisfied desires he is prepared to destroy and harm everything, first of all his own body on whose behalf he pretends to speak.

The agent must be alert to this trick of the native using the word ‘I’ as referring to his body and expel the native and bring the body under the compassionate control of the Master.

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