Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Secret Agent

The previous blog entry AUM seems to be from a book Dr. Surya was planning to write/wrote (His writings are scattered among his disciples).

What I have in hand is a kind of early form of a print out. Would that I had it in some form by which I could just directly feed it as input for the blog.

Anyway, I got a "huh?" from a friend who happens to have come upon a feed.

So I shall try and explain what I think it means. The writings of such as Dr. Surya will always sadly remain a bit obscure which is, in a way, dangerous but there seems to be no choice as the Truth is a pathless land.

Dr.Surya often used the comparison between a Seeker and a Secret Agent. This is much in tune with the poetic likening of the relationship between God and the human soul as a kind of adultery- it is a secret love affair. This state is quite useful in the early years of practice as Faith seems to be by definition a feeble thing which requires sheltering.

So AUM follows through with this imagery of the Secret Agent who has to report to HQ (Head Quarters). As the case may be, one can take HQ to be God or one's Higher Self. In other words, as a psychiatrist he was exploring the Spiritual Path from the angle of neuroscience.

Mere objective observation seems to have certain effects on us. And thus

Your duty is to be at the listening post-Communication Centre.

You maintain as best you can an inner silence and neutrality so that the Universe can speak to you.

Your duty is not to understand or interpret or assess.

Surya said:
Do not be a cricket commentator on life
. Many of the Great Ones ask us not to sit judgement on others.

Your duty is to put all that comes from first base before the Communication Centre
.When I was a child, Surya was friends with an eminent Buddhist monk-Buddharakhita Thera. One of the monks in his monastery had made it a practice to keep reporting everything to the Buddha: Buddha I'm sweeping the floor, Buddha I'm stirring the soup, etc.

Your sole company in the midst of all company is the Communication Centre. Wherever you are you will be at the CC.

Indeed Sri Aurobindo had told his disciples: "Always behave as if the Mother was looking at you, because she is, indeed, always present."

Consciousness, awareness at all times. Some Hindus might beleive that the Divine is Consciousness- a kind of simultaneous universal awareness.

sarvatha panipadam tat
sarvata shishiromukham,
sarvamavritya thishtati.”

Roughly translated on the above site this means:
Having feet and hands on all sides, faces, eyes and noses everywhere, It... listens to both the throb of the universe as well as the silence of eternity. Though bodiless it has a million bodies. It is the perceiver of all things even though it has no sense organs. It is without attributes yet is the enjoyer and sustainer of all attributes. Attached to nothing, it supports all the action and movement of its Prakriti. It is at once the inner and the outer, the far and the near, the moving and the unmoving. It is the subtlest of the subtle, beyond the grasp of our minds as well as the density of matter which we can see and touch and smell and hear."
Surya would of course snort at the translation as he was totally at ease with Sanskrit being of Brahmin birth.

Your sole loyalty is to the Communication Center.
Such a single minded focus is Concentration, which is one of the ways to try and explain what we commonly understand by meditation.
To return to the Gita again:
sarva DharmAn parithyajya

mAm Ekam sharaNam vraja |

aham thvAm sarva pApEbhyO

mOkshayishyAmi mA shuchaha ||

As the person on the above site tries to explain:
The literary meaning for this would be as follows-

relinquishing all dharmas, seek me alone for refuge. I shall release

you from all sins. Grieve not !

Let me take the liberty of trying to explain what Dharma means to me: Duty roughly put- but it is rather a set of duties as it were because at another point in the Gita we see Dharma as being a kind of Governance so to speak.

Far more than all this gibberish it just means "Toss aside all your confusions abut what this book or that authority said and focus on ME."

6. Your Guide or the codeword given by the guide is the Communication Centre.
We all have a special Someone or something to whom we give devotion. This line also seems to refer to the uttering of the rosary or of some prayer or mantra- a practice in most religions.

7. You unceasingly be with this till all parts of your territory become a Communication Centre.

The Mother's given mantra was:
Om Namo Bhagavathe- May I be like Thee.

8. Are you at the Communication Centre.

Yes, this is addressed to you, reader.

9. Nothing else is required of you.

And so unless it is tried with sincerity there will be nothing but the spouting of a lot of hot air!


liz said...

Dear Gita,

I spent a bit more time this evening, watched the videos and found a common thread in many of our Belief's systems. The thoughts that resonate with me are to be continually listening, to always be aware that the ennemy is ourselves, not the other...I am just scratching surface.

Thanks Gita!

Gita Madhu said...

Dear Liz,
Firstly I thank you for taking the time to read the blog as I'm still grappling with the concept and it seems to me that my entries are unappetizing and messy- poor tribute to someone whose words have helped me live.

You are right- a kind of non-judgmental awareness is a great gift.

As for the enemy, I had been about to write that at this point in time I feel that I might have ended up having words with Prof. Surya as I do see how alienating the term Secret Agent can be.

As a Hindu of sorts I would want to see that God is all and so there can be no enemy.

As a person who is more and more consciously be a seeker and yet distance herself from all mainstream affiliations while at the same time appreciating the need and beauty of all the religions and other human institutions, I still find no enemy since God is postulated as a Creator/a Father. A parent does not find any one child more dear than the other. At least ideally and is not God the ultimate Ideal?