Monday, March 17, 2008


Introduction: I have had cause to think about this particular teaching of Prof. Surya-of late and time and again.

From Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri:

Awakened to the meaning of my heart
That to feel love and oneness is to live
And this the magic of our golden change,
Is all the truth I know or seek, O sage

One’s memory of things that hurt appears to be more sticky than the things that one enjoyed.

For thousands of persons who spend sleepless nights because of the supposed ingratitude or insult offered by someone, there maybe hardly one who keeps awake thinking of the kindness someone has shown him. This hate poisons one’s own body first of all.

Of course, one can say that love also binds- as for instance, conjugal or parental love. But if this results in mutual constriction rather than growth, then it is because the basis of such love is a contractual obligation, a love that is based on the expectation of return and the feeling of frustration or rejection that is experienced by real or threatened non-return of affection. This is not often openly acknowledged, but is concealed by demands of respectability. The intensity of this possessive love is only matched by the hate it engenders.

The love that is true compassion, a joy in a thing for its own sake is of different order, and perhaps to be met with once in a millennium, in someone like Krishna, Buddha or Christ. Krishna spoke of the binding nature of negative or demonic emotions, and the liberating nature of positive or divine emotions.

While patiently trying to train the body to express and experience the positive or the divine emotions of the liberating kind, one can assiduously avoid the pitfall of cultivating hate, not only in its crude form but also in the more subtle garbs in which it presents itself: Love of one’s country subtly hiding the hatred of others; I am a Buddhist full of love for all, only the others are ignorant sheep who have to be cudgeled or cajoled into the system; praying to Christ for the effective physical annihilation of the enemy; telling the son that you are beating him for his own good and because of your immense love for him and so on.

Hate should be discouraged in all it forms by observing that its first effect is on one’s own body. Hate can destroy or deform, never transform.

Hate should be counteracted by its antidote love.

This unconditioned compassion practiced and professed by the pacemakers, the Avatars, is difficult, but is the hallmark of the coming Man; and has nothing in common with the doctrine of love sold in the market by those who conveniently append the pacemaker’s name as a trade mark, to more faithfully serve the existing social organization, an expression of its collective ego.


uma said...

If only we were simple and pristine as a child the emotional turmoil caused by any hurt or hatred would not be felt by us, and we would be trusting in all situations.
Sure love encompasses all, but that is only possible with a strong basement of faith and respect. I personally feel any religion should be left to the individual choice and just like a believing child who trusts all around him and discovers his steps for himself, we should too have the flexibility and the broadness of mind to embrace whatever comes our way and come what may never give in to the negative feelings like hatred, ingratitude or jealousy.Then only we can flourish and live a rewarding life, rewarding to our inner senses and even the outer appeal.
A life spent in non comparison will surely assuage any hurt and make us reflect and pave a way for the betterment of the society at large.Life should after all be a celebration and not a bondage.
I wish Gita all the very best in her endeavours to get her blog noticed and get wide circulation and popularity as such thoughts should really resonate often in our minds and keep a check on our negative emotions and feeling, for as they say, nothing is permanent and our negative emotions too are just momentary expressions of a wavering and distracted mind. We just have to keep our perspective in view and do our best and leave the rest to the higher powers.
Thanks Gita for sharing the beautiful thoughts.

Gita Madhu said...

Thanks for dropping by, Uma.

You are so right- all these things are so difficult to practice that soemtimes I feel so unworthy to transcribe my Guru's teachings but in a way it helps to re-read- gives me the strength to at least try...

Jaya said...

Life is not always about being perfect. Life is designed in such a way that its a mixture of both +ve and -ve energy.

"Only when there is hatred we understand the meaning of love.."

A child growing up gets exposed to the +ve and -ve energy of life and strives to becomes a mature person at a point of time. The same person who achieved the maturity of a sage wants to experience the ignorance of a child.

But the reality is "Life always moves forward". Its about being fine with what we are and walking in the direction of what we want to be.

Gita Madhu said...

Thank you, Jaya.
Firstly for visiting the blog.

In the second place, you have almost tempted me to expand upon this particular passage from Surya's writings...
Looking forwards to regular visits and comments form you.