Wednesday, March 19, 2008



Therefore the Space-ship is the Shadow of the pilot.

When pilot moves the shadow automatically moves.

Instead of tinkering with numerous exercises to improve or modify the shadow or space-ship practice frequently moving the pilot from point to point (in any plane) with lightening rapidity and this is the answer to all questions- though to the on-looker you look stationary-bullets, insects, impacts, dust- zero sticks to you.

Notes from the blogger:
1. SA might imply Sri Aurobindo
2. Dr. Surya considered himself first and foremost an "engineer". He was, to me and to so many others, also an excellent physician. A lot of his imagery therefore draws from things mechanical like the space-ship here. One thing that he might be talking about here is the psychosomatic nature of bodily ailments.
3. If I’m not mistaken there is research to prove that thinking or imagining exercising can have an effect on the body that is almost similar to the one achieved if one really performed the physical activity.
4. In Hindu mythology, deities or devas could apparently recognized by the fact that dust would not cling to them. It is interesting to note that even in a mosquito ridden area some people in a group will be bitten and some seem to be ignored by the insects. During the days of my apprenticeship, I recall the toughness shown to his most faithful disciple whom he almost forbade to sweat!

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